How my problem-solving project actually helped me in real life…

Kushagra Bansal
3 min readAug 25, 2022

I developed a health app during my Summer Internship for CinqueX Technologies which included many health-related trackers, health related calculators, reminders, workout videos section, health monitors etc.

CinqueX Technologies is a service provider company which builds softwares for other companies, growing businesses and start-ups.

My mentor who are also the co-founders of the company have been very helpful in every scenario and have provided their guidance on each step.

Our client was a young, highly passionate entrepreneur Shagun Singh, who has many successful start-ups going on, and is owner of many popular Instagram pages like little letter linked, ridiculous dragons NFTs, etc.

The Instagram page for the unreleased app has over 112k followers already.

The trackers in Simplyy app included water counter, sleep tracker, step tracker, weight tracker, calorie tracker and period tracker for females.

The various trackers help you set daily goals for various activities, and its rich, beautiful UI allows you to feed activities, every time you perform an action. You can also set reminders to perform the activities in some time intervals to never miss the goals. You can keep a track of everything, and the app charts your various activities in beautiful graphs.

The monitors use various hardware components of your mobile device to conduct multiple tests like stress test, heart rate measurement, orthostatic test etc and wrap everything up with a detailed analysis.

The workouts contain a large variety of categories which are helpful in following along various videos to find the perfect exercises for your requirements.

I have devoted my past few months in this internship as I found this to be very exciting and very helpful for my work experience at the same time. Currently I am still working for in this project and now I am creating a fully fledged ecommerce platform inside the same application.

I have learned a lot while working in this project, and since I am the only developer of this app, I have got to learn various technologies and many other things while contributing to this.

I have worked on XMLs to create the user interface for the app, and java to create the whole logic behind the app. I created a local database using SQLite and implemented REST APIs to connect it to the server to fetch, send, update, delete data.

Now how has this problem-solving application helped me in real life?

> Well, I actually started to use the very app that I built and have been successful in achieving my daily goals for real. It has definitely helped in making me live a better life both literally, and figuratively.

This project has given me the exposure to create a problem solving solution and made me confident to better approach hardships in professional field.