My internship experience at CinqueX Technologies

Kushagra Bansal
3 min readNov 30, 2022


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My responsibilty and the work done

I completed my 7th semester internship experience program at CinqueX Technologies as a client-side backend and frontend developer forthe android application for simplyy health and suppliments app by the entrepreneur Shagun Singh.

Our client is a young, highly passionate entrepreneur, who has many successful start-ups going on, and is owner of many popular Instagram pages like little letter linked, Ridiculous Dragons NFTs, NoMaiMai NFTs etc.

Simplyy is a health related app which contains multiple tracking tools like daily water counter, sleep tracker, step tracker, weight tracker, period tracker, calories tracker etc, multiple calculators like BMI, calories, weight loss, body water, blodd pressure, blood volume, blood volume, fat free mass index etc.

The calculators use various hardware components like camera, accelerometer, ecg sensor, flash light etc and google fit api and other algorithms to calculate physical data. The app can perform multiple tests like stress test, heart rate measurement, orthostatic test etc and wrap everything up with a detailed analysis.

The various trackers help you set daily goals for various activities, and its rich, beautiful UI allows you to feed activities, every time you perform an action. You can also set reminders to perform the activities in some time intervals to never miss the goals. You can keep a track of everything, and the app charts your various activities in beautiful graphs.

All the data is synced across both the website and the android app. The ecommerce data and tracker data is saved on the cloud to sync across multiple devices.

What have I learned in the process?!?

My mentor who are also the co-founders of the company have been very helpful in ach and every scenario and have provided their guidance on each step. They provided me the exposure to the industry world and have helped me come through my shortcomings.

I learned a lot in every aspect, whether in technical sector, let it be software development or task management, or in professionalism like working in teams or working on my own, and managing time constrains and productivity thresholds.

The experience that I have gotten during this internship is immaculate and it has definitely given me the confidence to work in the industry.

I myself am using this app for a few months now and I have changed my habits. I can safely say that I see some really positive results after making good habit of using simplyy app. It has not been published on the play store yet but it has over 115k followers on instagram already. We are expecting a huge success of the app and the products that are available on the platform.

I have completely made the client side of the app all by myself, that is the whole android app and I can say that I have learned various technologies and many other things while contributing to this.

Difficulties that I faced during the internship.

Since this was my first hands on experience in the industry, I faced a lot of intricacies. Initially I also faced difficulties in interacting with other people that i overcame with, and I also had to work for around 14–15 hours a day for a month or so. Even though that might sound like it was harsh on me, I actually really quite enjoyed the work on the contrary and it made me mold into an adaptive environment and I got a lot of experience. I had not implemented APIs before that and I had to learn a lot of things for that. I had to research a lot to get the best and the most efficient libraries for multiple features.